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The Book of Cultures: 30 Stories to Discover the World

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By Evi Triantafyllides, Illustrated by Nefeli Malekou

The first diverse children's book of its kind, The Book of Cultures is a 120-page book with 30 stories for young readers to discover the world and embrace diverse realities.

This perfect bedside book features fictional stories of buddies from different countries, followed by a snapshot on each culture, with fun facts and engaging activities. It is guaranteed to take readers on adventures around the world, all from the comfort of their home.

To date, The Book of Cultures is the 8th most backed & funded children's book project on Kickstarter, raising $164,370 in pre-orders in just 40 days. It has also been featured in various news channels such as NBC, KTLA and Fox News.

A Family Choice Award, National Parenting Center Award, NAPPA Award and Tillywig Award winner!


Ages 4 - 12
ISBN: 9789925739844
Hardcover; 120 pages

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