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Super Cute Origami Kit: Kawaii Paper Projects You Can Decorate in a Thousand Ways

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By Yuki Martin

**Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Book Award Bronze Medal**

Kids of all ages will love this super cute collection of easy origami crafts that can be customized in endless ways.

Follow chibi manga mascots Kami Kami and Orihime as they show you how to fold up the models, and then how to personalize them in thousands of ways. The possibilities are limitless!

Packed with accessories that you can use to create unique, embellished models, this origami kit includes:

  • 48 sheets of colorful origami paper
  • Over 35 sticker accessories
  • 100 stick-on pearls in assorted colors
  • 150 glittering sequins
  • 50 assorted stick-on rhinestones
  • Lace Washi tape
  • A full-color book with folding instructions and tips for decorating the models

Surprise your friends with your creativity! Create adorable kawaii figures and learn fascinating facts about the countries and cultures that have inspired the designs.

Origami projects in this kit include:

  • A Cupcake: Cute, sweet, and almost good enough to eat—and why not add some more stick-on pearls as the "icing on the cake?"
  • A Crown: Dazzle your subjects with a rhinestone-encrusted wearable tiara
  • A Daruma Doll: Fold up this lucky Japanese character and make a wish as you color in one eye. Color the other eye when your wish is granted!
  • Maneki Neko: The Japanese waving cat who summons good fortune. Fold and decorate a personalized kitty for each of your friends!
  • Matryoshka Dolls: The famously adorable Russian nesting dolls
  • And many more fascinating projects!

Perfect for parties or as a gift, kids can have hours of fun doing something physical away from a screen!

Ages 6 - 11, Grades 1 - 5
ISBN: 9780804850780

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