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Vinyl - The Haunted Mansion Picture Disc

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This frightfully collectible picture disc vinyl features the Disneyland attraction poster art designed by Ken Chapman and Marc Davis in 1969. Grim, Grinning Ghosts come out to socialize and enjoy the music from the attraction including The Haunted Mansion, Ghostly Music Box, The Graveyard Band and more!

Track List:
Side 1:
1. The Haunted Mansion - Performed by Paul Frees

Side 2:
1. Ghostly Music Box - Performed by Music Box - Haunted Mansion
2. Otherworldly Concerto - Performed by Gaylord Carter
3. Swinging Wake - Performed by Xavier Atencio and Buddy Baker
4. The Graveyard Band - Performed by Xavier Atencio and Buddy Baker

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