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The Great Book of Ancient Egypt: In the Realm of the Pharaohs

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In this superbly illustrated volume, distinguished Egyptologist Zahi Hawass guides you through the architectural landscape of ancient Egypt.
From houses and palaces, to the temples of the gods, to the tombs, hundreds of photographs and a compelling text unveil the mysteries of ancient Egypt as unearthed through major excavations. As it leads you on a tour of important sites—the Pyramids at Giza, Abu Simbel, the Valley of the Kings—The Great Book of Ancient Egypt offers fresh insight into how people lived, prepared for death, and perceived their place within the universe. It recounts the history of the most famous kings and queens and shares details of people’s everyday lives. Zahi Hawass makes his story all the more compelling by including his own archaeological adventures, sharing details of his illustrious career and revealing his own sense of awe of the magic and mystery of the pharaohs.

Reissue of Realm of the Pharaohs

ISBN: 9788854413450

Hardcover; 416 pages

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