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The Future of Exploration

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By Terry Garcia and Chris Rainier; Foreword by Sir Richard Branson

At this very moment, explorers in some of the most remote and dangerous places on earth, from the deepest parts of the ocean, to the highest mountains, and to outer space are enduring unimaginable hardships to expand our knowledge and save what is truly important.

Join former National Geographic Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer Terry Garcia and nature and cultural photographer Chris Rainier, a National Geographic Explorer, on a journey with some of the world’s most renowned and respected explorers, scientists, astronauts, visionaries, thinkers, and authors as they discuss and share their insights about what motivates them, what is left to explore, and why we should care in The Future of Exploration.

Exploration is as old as humankind, but there are still surprises that await us. With technology opening doors that once seemed permanently closed, the twenty-first century will be the greatest age of exploration in our history.

Accompanied with awe-inspiring photography, each contributor shares their personal achievements and insight into what the future of exploration looks like from their respective fields, the challenges we face, and possible solutions. Whether delving into the terrestrial, oceanic, or cosmic frontiers, embark on a journey into the uncharted future and be inspired yourself to be a part of the future of exploration.

35+ EXPLORERS: First-hand accounts of adventure and discovery from world-renowned public figures, including Jane Goodall, Sylvia Earle, Bob Ballard, Richard Branson, Louise Leakey, Zahi Hawass, Yvon Chouinard, Paula Kahumbu, Kris Tompkins, Kakenya Ntaiya, Wade Davis, Nemonte Nenquimo, Carolyn Porco, Krithi Karanth, Nainoa Thompson, Wasfia Nazreen, Samuel Ramsey, Sven Lindblad, Lee Berger, and more

STUNNING PHOTOGRAPHY: Enjoy breathtaking photographs captured around the globe, including deep sea, wildlife, and outer space

EMBRACE THE UNKNOWN: Delve into the excitement of the unknown and learn about the new technology leading the way for exploration

CURATED BY PROMINENT NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORERS: Acclaimed National Geographic Explorers Terry Garcia and Chris Rainier share insights from their 40+ year careers exploring the world and interacting with the world's forerunners of exploration on earth, in space, and at sea.

GIFT FOR THE ADVENTURER IN YOUR LIFE: The Future of Exploration is the perfect gift for adventurers and travelers

PROCEEDS TO RESEARCH, EXPLORATION & CONSERVATION: Profits from The Future of Exploration will be donated to early career field scientists, explorers, and conservationists pursuing innovative projects across a wide range of disciplines.

ISBN: 9781647229177
Hardcover; 304 pages

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