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The Art of Thai Comics: A Century of Strips and Stripes

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By Nicholas Verstappen

  • The Art of Thai Comics is a ground-breaking look at the rich history and vibrant culture of comics art in Thailand.
  • Drawing on extensive interviews, research, and a vast archive of both rare and well-known comics, this book reveals the untold history of Thai comics and also showcase the work of leading contemporary artists working today.

After the first Thai comic strip was published in 1907, comics flourished in Siam and developed in uniquely Thai ways. With diverse and leading artists working in each generation there is a wealth of material to consider. Gory horror tales, anti-communist propaganda and socially-engaged graphic novels bear witness to the country’s darker years. From 1990, Thai comics struggled to compete with the sudden influx of unlicensed Japanese manga and went through a hiatus, making a comeback in the late ’90s with a new and alternative scene that deserves wider recognition. Each page of The Art of Thai Comics opens a unique window onto Thai society – a distilled
vision of its hopes, fears, delights and horrors. From 20th century interpretations of Jataka tales, which replay the Buddha’s various reincarnations, to tales of modern-day millennial angst. Thai comics past and present offer an entertaining and enlightening viewpoint onto the country’s history, culture and enduring creativity.

ISBN: 9786164510364
Softcover; 220 pages

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