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Posada's Unknown Calaveras

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José Guadalupe Posada is well-known for his Day of the Dead animated Calaveras, mimicking and mocking human beings. But Posada also created other Calaveras, less known but equally important during these Mexican festivities: The Calavera Rhymes or Literary Calaveras, humorous rhymes written as epitaphs to praise or ridicule a person or an idea. This book is a collection of 100 bilingual Calavera Rhymes written and illustrated by José Guadalupe Posada, to satirize people in power, to laugh of our own weaknesses and physical imperfections, but above all, to remind each one of us that rich or poor, good-looking or dreadful, virtuous or corrupt, Death, La Muerte takes us all!

ISBN: 9780915745357

Paperback; 126 pages


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