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Mexican Cartoneria by Leigh Ann Thelmadatter

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Mexico's love of celebration is well known, and cartoneria, a kind of papier-mache art, produces the objects that are essential to Mexican holidays and festivals, including Day of the Dead, Holy Week, and Christmas. Just about everyone knows what a pinata is, but few understand that it is part of an entire branch of traditional handcrafts. With more than 120 photos and bilingual English/Spanish text, here is the history of the craft, how it is woven through Mexican culture, and how the craft is growing and changing. Learn about the traditional objects made with the technique and their importance to Mexican culture. Look inside the studios of several artisans and consider not only the craft's strongholds in Mexico City and Celaya, Guanajuato, but also other areas in Mexico where it is expanding in creativity. A variety of artisans (more than 50 artists, museum directors, and other experts) help identify who the main drivers of this folk art are today, its relevance to modern Mexican culture, and where it is headed.

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5834-0

Hardcover; 192 pages

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