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Martha & Me

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Created by It's Raining Elephants 

A beautifully illustrated story that celebrates the joys of artistic creation and the power of imagination

Martha loves drawing and painting. When she draws a lion that steps right out of the picture, the two go on a wild adventure. Martha paints a universe and embarks on a series of funny and surreal escapades with the lion and so begins a relationship full of invention, creativity, and exuberance.

Eventually things get out of control—the lion is too wild and too hungry, and he disappears in the middle of their best adventure. Martha is inconsolable, but the only way out is through—so she takes another piece of paper and starts all over again. Beautifully illustrated with powerful and effective line drawings and bright Pantone inks, this story revels in the joy of artistic creation and unbound imagination.

Ages 4 -8, Grades P - 4
ISBN: 9780500651421
Hardcover; 88 pages

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