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It's in You: A Book for Big Dreamers

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Through playful rhyme, humor and dazzling illustrations, It’s In You inspires young readers to dream big and to follow their instincts. It uses the life cycle of a butterfly to metaphorically teach them that even through the many obstacles or failures they may encounter, everything they need to succeed is already within. 

Meet Ella and Patch!

Patch is a tiny caterpillar, with a big dream and Ella is his trusted friend and confidant. I guess you can also call Ella a destiny helper! Ella and Patch forge a sweet friendship and encourage each other to keep going, no matter what naysayers or obstacles they may face. Together they both discover that the keys to success are not determined by what other people think, or even if you fail a few times. Everything you need to succeed is already IN YOU.

This fun story explores themes like:




Self Belief 

Self Doubt 

By encouraging kids to dream big, we encourage them to believe in the impossible. Will Patch achieve the impossible and have his dream come true?

Written by Sharifa Anozie 

Illustrated by Claudio Espinosa

Hardcover; 34 pages

ISBN: 9781734633207

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