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I Know I Can

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By Alexus Mozell and Illustrated by Larisa Cristina Lungu

I Know I Can is a book of "I Can" affirmations, empowering young boys to be anything they inspire to be. The book shares achievements of black men who paved the way for young black boys to excel in a variety of careers ranging from architect to pilot.

I Know I Can is the perfect book to help boost not only young boys' but all littles self-esteem while instilling confidence in them that they can indeed do whatever it is they put their minds to.

I Know I Can starts and sets the conversation when talking to your littles about what they inspire to be when they get older. This book is a reminder to all littles around the world that they can achieve any career goal that they envision for themselves with hard work and determination.

ISBN: 9798218094904

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