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Handcarved Wood Headrest, Ethiopia

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This headrest is not only useful but decorative and collectible.  The headrest is important in the culture of several Omo Valley ethnic groups in Ethiopia.  In the majority of these groups it is the men's privilege to carry headrests, becoming a symbolic object as young men are only allowed to receive it once adulthood is reached, during passage rituals. 

In Omo Valley, men never move without taking their headrest.  It is possible for them to carry it everywhere due to a leather strip tied to the support.  It is mainly used as a pillow in order to rest on the ground and to keep the the clay hairstyle intact. It also prevents insects from coming into the ears. It can also be used as a stool, or to sharpen a knife.

Approximately 8 inches in length, 5 inches height, 5 inches in width

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