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Glass Rooster Sculpture, "Sun Bird"

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Give the gift of art for the new year!

This elegant, limited edition sculpture, "Sun Bird" by artist Loretta Yang  is signed, dated and numbered, and comes packaged in a lovely red floral box.

Carved into a relief emerging from a shape suggestive of the sun are detailed etchings of a regal and elegant bird.  The Sun Bird combines a minimalist aesthetic with an elaborate and decorative flourish.  Reflected in both the warm soft yellows of the rooster and the bright light of the sun is that balance of color and contrast.  This glass art piece uses the motifs of sun and phoenix to invoke a feeling of a new day and extraordinary hope.

Purchase includes the following bold poem:

Sun Bird

Across the ages,
the call of the rooster
breaks through illusions
to rouse this slumbering world.
I am the messenger of the sun.

Approximate measurements: Length - 4 ", Width - 2 ", Height - 4 ".

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