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Ethiopia: A Photographic Tribute to East Africa's Diverse Cultures and Traditions

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By Joey Lawrence

A monolithic collection of images captured by photographer Joey L. over the course of thirteen years with the support of his dedicated Ethiopian crew.

"Joey L.’s Ethiopia book is a true love letter to my home country of Ethiopia, the land of milk and honey. His imagery does a beautiful job of capturing the diversity of the country and culture. The astonishing landscapes, beautiful people, and vibrant culture. It can all be found all here in this book. Looking at the images, I can't wait to go back to my motherland." - Marcus Samuelsson, Acclaimed chef, Author, and Restaurateur

Ethiopia: A Photographic Tribute to East Africa's Diverse Cultures & Traditions is a visual ode to every region of the country and a celebration of all the diverse peoples found within.

This highly anticipated volume includes both the iconic landmarks and landscapes found exclusively within Ethiopia, and regions that are lesser known to tourists and travellers. From the cosmopolitan hub of Addis Ababa famous for its Ethiopian Jazz, to the hinterlands of the Gambela region, where the Majang people climb trees over 150 feet tall to collect wild honey. From the north’s Orthodox Tewahedo historic sites, to the Islamic influence spread across the east within Afar and Somali communities, to the Animist spiritualities of the southern nations. The book is a first of its kind—underscoring what makes each region of Ethiopia unique, yet uniting all in one cohesive visual style. Every walk of life is dignified in their own unique way.

The flow of the collection is guided by immersive environmental images, landscapes, and classic still life. Interspersed into the narrative are thoughtful portraits, all photographed within the same “nomadic studio tent” the team built and took across the country. The portraits have a familiarity that only a decade of commitment to a single project can produce. The subjects are introduced by name. One spread of the book shows the same girl, Gure, photographed nearly ten years apart. On the book cover is a rare portrait of Fentale and Woday, two Kereyu men who travel to the market once a week to trade camels and try to meet potential wives with their carefully crafted hairstyles. There is Captain Amsale, a charismatic pilot of Ethiopian Airlines—the first to fly internationally with an all-female flight crew. Deeper within the book, we meet Mories, one of the last remaining subsistence crocodile hunters of the Dassanach, whose nomadic existence is kept alive by following the legends of their ancestors.

These seemingly disconnected cultural threads are woven together masterfully in order to truly see Ethiopia—which itself is the sum of all the diverse lands and the proud people who inhabit it.

300+ COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS: Hundreds of intimate fine art photographs capture the diverse people and landscapes of Ethiopia and East Africa.

STUNNING LANDSCAPES: Joey captures distinct—and often overlooked—natural features of Ethiopia's interior, from its vast deserts, sprawling mountain ranges, and dense forests.

VIBRANT CITIES: Scenes from cities like Addis Ababa reveal a vibrant energy, alight with jazz clubs, musicians, youth culture, and so much more.

DIVERSE CULTURES: Visually explore the Orthodox Tewahedo historic sites, see the Islamic influence on the Afar and Somali communities, and experience the Animist spiritualities of the southern nations.
ISBN: 9781647227357
Hardcover; 368 pages

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