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Egypt: A Photographic Journey

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By Ronald C. Pietersma

If you have ever yearned to experience the soul of Egyptian history, as one of the Bowers Museum Fellows, Ronald C. Pietersma will take you on a casual journey through some of the most iconic sites of Egypt from the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo through the Valley of Kings, the tomb of Tutankhamen, and many more. This visual diary serves as an intimate voyage into many of Egypt’s most cherished archaeological relics and cultural resources. This warm glimpse into Egypt’s treasures also serves as a memoir for the experiences of the Bowers Museum Fellows Expeditions; these extraordinary trips serve as life changing experiences which grant participants access to unforgettable journeys into other worlds. Just as the Bowers Museum brings the world to you, as a Bowers Fellow you are invited to worlds and experiences of which you may have only dreamed.


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