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Written by Michael Smith and illustrations by Gayle Garner Roski.

Akela is exited to embark on his first sailing canoe voyage with his wise Grandfather so they can trade with faraway neighboring islands. But their long journey across the open Pacific Ocean is risky, facing storms and sharks and fearing hunger or getting lost. Grandfather teaches young Akela how to pilot a trackless sea by using ancient methods of navigation based on observing natural signs: the stars, the sun, the ocean swells, and the birds.

Set in the 1500s, Earthwaves reveals the fascinating and little-known culture of the Pacific Islander seafarers, whose wayfinding techniques began thousands of years ago. It takes more than bravery to stay alive without compasses and charts. It takes knowledge and wisdom passed down from generation to generation. 

Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 and Mom's Choice Award Gold Medal Winner.

ISBN: 978-194956710-6

Hardcover; 38 pages

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