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Coloring California Missions

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By Max Kurillo

California’s 21 missions, from San Diego to Sonoma, were constructed between 1769 and 1823 and were spaced a day’s ride from each other, measured as 50 kilometers or 31 miles. They were all connected along 1050 kilometers or 652 miles of the El Camino Real (the King’s Highway). The first 20 missions were constructed by the Spanish, and the last one, which is also the northernmost mission—Mission San Francisco Solano, was the only mission built in Alta California after Mexico gained independence from Spain.

This “Color and Learn” book is one of a series designed to be informative while enjoying the pleasures of expressing one’s creativity through a coloring medium. Adults and children can apply creative art strokes that will bring the mission days back to life in vibrant color. Each illustration in Coloring California Missions includes pertinent and interesting information about the California missions found in the last section of the book. A location map is also included. Explore, create, enjoy!


ISBN:  9781941384381

Softcover; 96 pages

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