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Chinese Dress : From the Qing Dynasty to the Present Day

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By Valery Garrett

Featuring over 450 archival photographs and line drawings, Chinese Dress traces the evolution of Chinese clothing from court and formal costumes to the everyday fashions of twenty-first century China.

Author Valery Garrett skillfully weaves the story of Chinese dress in all its variations--elaborately embroidered robes, military uniforms, children's dress, wedding and funeral attire, working clothes, Mao-inspired fashion--against a backdrop of historical, cultural and social change.

A comprehensive and sumptuously illustrated book, this book includes images of garments and accessories from museum and private collections, as well as unpublished or little-known archival photos and printed materials.

Chapters include: Dress of the Qing Manchu Rulers 1644-1911; Dress of the Manchu Consorts 1644-1911; Attire of Mandarins and Merchants; Attire of Chinese Women; Republican Dress 1912-1949; Clothing of the Lower Classes; Clothing for Children; Dress in New China 1950-Present Day.

ISBN: 9780804852562 

Trade Paperback. 240 pages.

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