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Blank Comic Book: Draw Your Own Manga!

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Tuttle Studio

Inspire and empower young storytellers with a blank canvas!

With carefully crafted templates, a range of layouts, and professional drawing tips, this blank comic book is the perfect gift for kids eager to explore the exciting world of visual storytelling.

Ideal for pen, pencil or water-based markers, this Blank Comic Book offers everything a manga artist or imaginative young creator needs:

  • 84 pages of blank templates featuring 21 different layouts—more variety than any other book!
  • Some tips from professional comic book artists on story development, character creation and how to tell your story effectively
  • Cover design templates and a gallery of speech and thought balloons to place wherever you want

Great for rainy days, family bonding activities, or even as a classroom resource, this blank comic book sparks children's creativity, fuels their passion for storytelling, and empowers them to express themselves in a unique and exciting way!

ISBN: 9780804855877
Paperback; 96 pages

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