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"It's Star, It's Heart" Clear Sculpture with Gold Leaf

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This sculpture, "It's Star, It's Heart" by artist Loretta Yang is a contemporary sculpture within her Liuli Living line.

This charming paperweight entwines a heart for Valentine’s Day with an adorable ram for the Lunar New Year, to offer a distinctive gift suitable for either holiday.

Limited Edition
Included with purchase is the following poem:

It's Star, It's Heart

My mildness and grace,
My sincerity,
My thoughtfulness,
My benevolence,
I am a friend to the end,
I forever strive forward,
I watch over my household,
I love nature.
But I can also be anxious and emotional,
And bashful.
In spite of it all,
There is nobody else like me.

The sculpture is signed, dated and numbered by the artist, and comes packaged in a chic gift box.
"It's Star, It's Heart" is a unique and delightful gift for any occasion, especially "Year of the Ram".

Approximate measurements: Length - 3", Width - 1 1/2 ", Height - 2 1/2".

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