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Raul Anguiano: The Four Seasons of His Muralism

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In 1970, Raul Anguiano created a mural dedicated to Don Quixote. This personality is rarely seen in Mexico's muralist movement, but in Anguiano's case, it is a perfect metaphor for his own career. In Cervantes' masterpiece, Don Quiixote's goal of reviving chivalry appears like a mad enterprise to his contemporaries, he is ridiculed and abused, but in spite of the humiliation and degradation, Don Quixote perseveres in his dream. In a similar way, Raul Anguiano pursues muralism at a time when painting murals was no longer fashionable. He meets indifference and even outright aggression, but like Don Quixote he perseveres and succeeds. By the time of his death at 91, Anguiano had painted more than twenty murals and had five mural commissions ahead of him. He was realizing his dream of bringing muralism to the XXI century.

This book by Dina Comisarenco Mirkin is the first detailed analysis of Raul Anguiano's murals. We welcome this volume, for it allows us to reevaluate a fundamental aspect of Anguiano's artistic production.

Text in English and Spanish.
Soft Cover.
Author Dina Comisarenco Mirkin

ISBN: 9780578150703

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