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Silver Ring with Ebony Inlay, Handmade

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This beautiful (99%) fine silver ring is hand engraved and inlayed with ebony. Each piece is unique and made entirely by hand.

Nomads until the 1970's the Koumama family belong to a Tuareg subclass called Inadan (people who work with fire and metals - blacksmiths). Until his 2004 death, Mohamed Koumama led the family. One of the most famous Tuareg silversmiths, he trained his sons including Elhadji, grandsons and extended family in the craft as his forefathers did for over a thousand years.

The Koumama family is famous for creating unique high quality silver jewelry using traditional Tuareg methods. This pair of earrings was made by men related to the late Mohamed Koumama by blood or marriage. His work has been displayed in the National Museum in Niamey since Niger's independence from France in 1960.


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