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Old Magic: Lives of the Desert Shamans

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For a thousand generations, desert shamans of the far West sought order in the stars and in the mysteries and wonder of their grand, if unforgiving landscape. When summoned, they doctored the stricken, be they stoic elders or frightened little children. They conjured rains. Taking leave of reality, they rode whirlwinds and soared in magical flight. They epitomized a native American ability "to relate to the land in ways beyond a Western way of thinking."

They're gone now, but there remains telling accounts of how, day-to-day, they lived; how omens foretold a shaman's destiny, how he learned his craft, how he could exercise his power for both good and evil. How a shaman could travel to the land of the dead and (hopefully) return.

Drawing on the lore of a dozen tribes, "Old Magic" conjures the year-to-year life of a shaman--a life of service to his people, a life fraught with torment and danger, a life often taking a man or woman to the edge of madness.
Author Nicholas Clapp. Soft Cover.

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