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Heavenly Horses: Exhibition Catalogue

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In celebration of 2014, the Year of the Horse in the Asian lunar calendar, Bowers Museum is proud to present "Heavenly Horses: 2000 Years of Chinese & Japanese Equine Art" from the Joan Irvine Smith Asian Art Collection.

For two millennia, the horse was integral to the survival and growth of the Chinese empire. It was essential to China's military campaigns and defense, transported good on trade routes, and provided the principal method of travel over difficult terrain. As such, the horse was revered in mythology, philosophy, religion, folklore, and everyday life. Through exploration and trade, the horse made its way from the Asian mainland to Japan, even before the widespread use of a written language in the island nation.

No matter the medium, size, geography, period, or style, the horse remains a favored subject of painters and sculptors. By studying varied depictions from different cultures, we discover the unique bond between man and horse while enjoying the beauty of the artist's interpretation.

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