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Pyramids: Treasures, Mysteries & New Discoveries in Egypt

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No other manmade monuments command such curiosity, awe, and veneration as the pyramids of Egypt. Recent discoveries have shed new light on these mysterious ancient wonders, and this volume presents all the most important pyramids and the great Memphite necropolises in an exhaustive text that draws on the latest excavations and studies.

Edited by Zahi Hawass, Egypt's leading archaeologist and director of the Giza and Saqqarah excavation sites, Pyramids contains contributions from the world's best-known Egyptologists and includes aerial photographs, maps, plans, and reconstructions. The result is a milestone of popular science that also celebrates the human spirit.
Hard Cover.
Published: September 2011
320 pages
340 color photos
9 X 12 1/2

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