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Mata Ortiz Pendant, Mexico

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This beautiful pendant features a salvaged pottery shard from the hand-crafted vessels of the Mata Ortiz from north-western Chihuahua, Mexico. Each piece of pottery is hand-crafted, formed, sanded, then intricate patterns are painted free-hand. Lastly, the pottery is fired, a delicate process that can result in pots breaking.
Mata Ortiz artists send these pieces to Taxco, the silver making capital of Mexico. These pieces are then reinvented by the Nahuatl artist Agustin Torres Beltran, who hand forms a silver setting to fit each ceramic piece perfectly. The setting is completed with engravings of ancient Paquime symbols.
The perfect balance of past and present, this piece is truly a timeless work of art.

Approximately 1 1/2 inch diameter by 2 inch diameter

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