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Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci

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The story of the brilliant Italian artist, sculptor, architect and engineer is told in this informative program. Leonardo's legacy to the world came in so many forms; in the breathtaking beauty of "The Last Supper" and "The Mona Lisa"; his rich collection of drawing; the mirror-written notebooks containing original thoughts on astronomy, biology and physiology.
This DVD features:
- State of the art 3D graphics to explain and test Leonardo's theories and designs.
- Outstanding computer animated reconstructions
- The paintings and drawings
- Rare period imagery
- Expert commentary and analyses by Dr. Alan Cartwight, School of Engineering University of Warwick, Dr. Peter Borcherds, School of Physics and Astronomy University of Birmingham and Dr. Martin Kemp, Trinity College, Oxford

Approximately 50 Minutes
4:3 Full Screen

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