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Mint Tea and Minarets

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Behold, a singular structure soars above the banks of the Oum er-Rbia, Mother of Spring River, within the ramparts of the 16th century medina of Azemmour, Dar Zitoun, erstwhile "House of the Pasha". Kitty Morse, the author of "Mint Tea and Minarets", an expert on Moroccan cuisine, warmly coaxes you into her late father's painstakingly restored riad or Moorish mansion. Generations of cooks and centuries of celebration sweeten the invitation. Dar Zitoun has many delicious stories to tell. An hour south of the author's native Casablanca, scour the Azemmour souk for seasonal ingredients, then meet Dar Zitoun's gifted cuisinier/gardien Bouchaïb to concoct aromatic tagines.
In the footfall of her recently deceased father, the author uncovers the provenance of her culinary passion: Dar Zitoun was an ancient cooking school. Follow Kitty as she seeks out bibi beldi, free-range turkey, at a farm on the Doukkala plain and is instructed in falconry by Kwacem tribesmen, the only commoners authorized to capture and train the raptors. Frequent a local camel market and hunt for the source of the Oum er-Rbia in the High Atlas Mountains.
Author Kitty Morse. Soft Cover.

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