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Palenque: Metropolis of the Maya

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Palenque was a majestic city of the Mayan empire, the Pre-Columbian superpower that dominated Central America. It flourished as a center for government, arts, trade and ceremony for centuries, attaining a peak around the 6th and 7th centuries AD, when it produced the best architecture and art in Mayan culture. But by 800 AD, the site was abandoned. This is the enigma of Palenque. Continuing its journey through time to relive the most crucial events in world history within the walls where they occurred, LOST WORLDS plumbs the secrets of this great Mayan city. Join a team of historical detectives using evidence from recent excavations, state-of-the-art scientific studies, and historical documents, to answer the challenging questions of Palenque: How was this gigantic metropolis built? What purpose did the temples and palaces serve? How did the extraordinary city look at its peak? As clues accumulate, the city is rebuilt, wall by wall, building by building, and the result is a historically accurate and stunningly beautiful vision of an ancient city. History comes alive before your eyes in the latest installment of LOST WORLDS.
50 Minutes.

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