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Van Gogh's Untold Journey (Autographed Copy)

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William J. Havlicek’s new and revealing book is based largely on Vincent van Gogh’s astonishing letters of which over 900 exist. This important work-the result of over 15 years of research- provides new insight into the artist’s true character nurtured from his abiding faith, the influence of family, and the tender solicitude he felt for mankind.
Havlicek’s book holds some compelling revelations, among them the role played by Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, his sister-in-law, without whom little of the inimitable Vincent would ever have been known; and the artist’s vicarious relationship with Charles Dickens. But perhaps most revealing is Havlicek’s discovery of how the inspired words of Victor Hugo, embodied in one of his characters in Les Misérables, gave Van Gogh the idea for one of his most celebrated paintings of all The Starry Night. This particular revelation is sure to astound the art world.
The book also dispels much of the myth that has come to surround Vincent’s tumultuous life. In the words of the author, the book illuminates instead "...an unknown, adventurous, deeply compassionate man whose essence seems to have been lost in the dramatic and often apocryphal stories surrounding his illness and early death. My effort is to resurrect an unknown aspect of Vincent-one that is even heroic and certainly praiseworthy...". Author William J. Havlicek, PH.D. Soft Cover.

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