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America's Black Founders with 21 Activities

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It's time to add the names Allen, Forten, and Hawley to the list that includes Washington, Jefferson, and Adams. From Crispus Attucks, the Revolutionary War's first martyr, to James Armistead Lafayette, a slave and spy who hastened the continental Army's final victory over the British at the Battle of Yorktown, America's Black Founders honors the lesser known but significant lives and contributions of our nation's early African American leaders. Author Nancy I. Sanders tells the history of dozens of men and women--soldiers, sailors, ministers, poets, merchants, doctors, and other community leaders--who have earned proper recognition as founders of the United States of America. To get a better sense of what these individuals accomplished and the times in which they lived, readers will: Celebrate Constitution Day, cook a meal of pepper pot soup and firecakes, publish a newspaper, petition their government, and craft a clay pot. Author Nancy I. Sanders. Soft Cover.

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