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Bonding Via Baby Carriers: Art & Soul of the Miao & Dong

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"For southwestern Chinese minorities, baby carriers are not only charged with a very unique emotional message, but the entire process of raising silkworms, producing silk, embroidery, patchwork, dyeing, and design is extremely refined and carries a flare to it that is all its own. The most important point is that baby carriers were not just a means through which women stitched and displayed their love for their children. Even before marriage, young girls would show off their work to their suitors. One could say that these works were an artistic representation of each woman's individuality and creativity. No wonder it is so difficult for the women of these tribes to part with their carriers. Sadly, with the passage of time, this tradition and these handicrafts are quickly disappearing. We decided to publish Bonding via Baby Carriers as a way to commemorate our 30th anniversary, but this project has become much more than that; this book is a record of these now rare art works, and through the essays written by the three generations of women, it has also become a chronicle of a mother's love. Finally, this book is our modest salute and dedication to the mother that we all share, Taiwan." Eric Lin, President of Les Enphants Co.-Publisher. Author, Yu-Chiao Liu Lan. Author, Christi Lan Lin. Author, Brenda Lin. Soft Cover.

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