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Oceanic Art: A Celebration of Form

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Oceanic Art: A Celebration of form provides an insightful overview of art from the area commonly designated as Oceania. The essay and catalogue give a current perspective on Pacific cultures and their diversity and struggles within a colonial context, as well as a fresh view of these traditional and contemporary arts. Highlighting an exceptional gathering of diverse works that come primarily from Melanesia and Polynesia, the selection also includes objects from Micronesia and Taiwan, among them a rare life-size sculpture from Nuku'oro in the Caroline Islands (Micronesia)--the only such figure in a private collection--as well as elaborate, hand-carved sculptures, exquisite architectural elements, and several striking figures from New Ireland and the Admiralty or Manus Islands, and rare Easter Island (Rapa Nui) carved figures. Accompanying a year-long exhibition of the same name at the San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA), this publication features objects from three major California collections; the world-renowned Valerie Franklin Collection, the nationally acclaimed Edward and Mina Smith Collection, and the deep holdings of the Sana Art Foundation. Author George R. Ellis. Soft Cover.

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