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Pictorial History of Iran: Ancient Persia

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"Pictorial History of Iran, Ancient Persia" is about one of the oldest nations and civilizations in the world. I hope the information provided in this book will give you better insight into Persian culture and history, which has survived through the centuries and has withstood the test of time. As a focal point of the crossroad between East and West, the Persian Empire had a tremendous relevance in the development of human culture. Persians dedicated their lives to the cultivation of ideas, cultural exchange, and human development....Many inscriptions found in Persepolis prove that the Persian Empire was the key in cultivation and spread of civilization as we know it today. The Persian civilization and the first declaration of human rights by Cyrus the Great has had a lasting impression on all the nations. This humanitarian concern has eventually become a universal principle. I hope human rights and the promotion of human development will prevail in the 21st century." Author, Amini Sam. Soft Cover.

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