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World on a String Part 3: The Sacred Bead, DVD

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Part 3-The Sacred Bead, examines how beads have been a constant companion of humans since time immemorial. Though small, they have fulfilled a great need. In nearly all religions of the world they were accorded a sanctified place in our eternal quest for the divine.

World On A String tells the remarkable story of human history through one of mankind's tiniest creations... the bead. It is an awesome saga spanning some 75,000 years. The project has been a labor of love for its producer, Diana Friedberg - an industry award-winning film editor and producer - for over a decade.

This is a story never told before and certainly never attempted on the scale to which the producer has gone to convey the extent of the subject's canvas. This is human drama of the most potent and powerful kind, and a tale that weaves its way through cultures, traditions, religions, and histories all over the globe. The series was shot on location on five continents and presents a truly stunning picture of how a tiny object transformed human thinking and influenced social behavior over the eons. While it dips back into the deepest recesses of time, it is nevertheless very much a contemporary story set in the modern day. It includes extraordinary footage in which we meet amazing personalities from tribal chiefs to shamans, craftsmen, artists, and priests.

All five episodes are available for purchase.

93 minutes.

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