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Extreme Canvas - Exhibition Publication, Ernie Wolfe III

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 Exhibition-related publication, "Extreme Canvas" 

Starting in about 1985 and continuing until just before the millennium, there existed a Golden Age of hand-painted imagination-driven movie posters in Ghana that stood their ground against globalization and computer-generated images. This was a time when market forces from abroad were minimal and these unique and exotic paintings were created solely for the local Ghanaian movie viewing audience. The best and brightest artists of a generation competed fiercely and directly in the public eye for this exciting new work, being careful to sign and date the great majority of these paintings.

by Ernie Wolfe III (Editor)


Clive Barker, LeVar Burton, Deirdre Evans-Pritchard, Walter Hill, Angelica Huston, John Milius, Roy Sieber, Paul Hayes Tucker, Gus Van Sant, John Yau

Soft Cover


Exhibition Contents: "Reel Art: Movie Posters from Ghana"

Muscles. Ninjas. Cyborgs. What do these three things have in common? All can be seen depicted on flour sack canvases at the Bowers this Spring in Reel Art: Movie Posters from Ghana.

Drawing from the museum’s permanent collection, the exhibition brings together a group of rugged, campy and visually astounding posters created to advertise movies once available for rent throughout Ghana from an industrious group of traveling entrepreneurs. Reel Art astounds with some familiar celebrity faces and dramatic and fantastical interpretations of B and C-list movies from the 1980’s and 1990’s


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