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Guo Pei Journal with Embroidery Patterns

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The hardcover journal features a velvet laminate which gives the journal a high quality suede-like feel. It is a perfect everyday carry item for note-taking on the go. Capture and document your dreams and thoughts in this luxurious looking journal with the embroidered patterns from Guo Pei couture. 

Enter a world of fantasy featuring over 40 works of couture art, personally selected for exhibition by none other than the world-renowned designer herself, Guo Pei. Her exquisite creations go beyond the runway and red carpet, creating iconic global moments and fostering a wider awareness of China's cultural heritage and influence. With every collection Guo Pei draws upon a rich source of mythology and history which, through Guo Pei's lens and the skills the many artisans with whom she works, result in profoundly moving pieces.

4 1/4 x 6 inches. 100 sheets. Lined paper.

Image: Guo Pei Courtyard Collection, Look 1, Spring/Summer 2016, courtesy of SCAD.

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