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Chinese: Six Nursery Rhymes

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The best way to master a new language is through music. And if there’s one thing all languages in the world have in common, it’s rhythm. That’s why nursery rhymes are valued the world over for their ability to teach kids how to sing and speak! While kids are young, they’re like sponges when it comes to absorbing new information. Exposing them to languages at an early age can do wonders for creativity, memory, and mental flexibility.

This book will teach you 6 famous Chinese nursery rhymes including includes Pull up Carrots, Tricycle, Little Bees, Two Little Tigers, The Ugly Duckling, and Butterfly. Each spread contains the lyrics in English letters and Chinese characters. Singing along to this bilingual book is a wonderful way for kids to learn how to read Chinese. Nursery rhymes will help your kids develop an ear for language; and with a couple of our sound books, you can help them grow an ear for music, too! 

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