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Mata Ortiz Wedding Vase

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This beautifully hand-crafted wedding vase displays the ceramic artistry of the Mata Ortiz from north-western Chihuahua, Mexico. Signed by artist Jose Villa. 

Each piece of pottery is hand-crafted from start to finish. The clay itself is collected from the earth local to this area, and is then hand-formed without a wheel, sanded, and finally, beautiful and intricate patterns are painted free-hand using a small brush composed of only three or four human hairs! Lastly, the pot is fired, which often intensifies the rich colors. Today's Mata Ortiz artists begin at a young age and share the traditions of their ancient methods with many generations of family members. 

The wedding vase is an ancient vessel still used in traditional Pueblo wedding ceremonies. One spout represents the wife and the other the husband while the looped handle symbolizes the unity achieved with marriage. The space created within the loop represents the circle of life. 

Purchase includes black ring stand. 


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