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Framed Limited Edition Photo-"Serape Frida"

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Local Santa Monica Photographer, Gregory "Goyo" Vargas

This series of photographs, “Finding Frida,” is a photographic documentation of murals discovered in the urban canvas of Los Angeles. Throughout many communities, murals, or street art, represent the desire for artistic expression, to paint a picture of society, to communicate directly with public at large, to create stories, values, and dreams, and at times to honor a person or an important event. In essence, it is a historical comment to the public and open to interpretation.

 “Finding Frida” is a series that grew out of a different and continuing series I was working on, “The Virgins of Los Angeles,” a documentation of Virgin de Guadalupe murals throughout Los Angeles County. While traveling around the city, I was pleased to discover multiple murals of Frida Kahlo; Kahlo is seen as a true vision of Mexico, resiliency, and female liberation. According to art historian Victor Zamudio-Taylor, Frida is "a model for Mexican Americans and Hispanics in the United States because she nurtures a sense of who [we] are and of a long history and of continuities." Yet, the interest in Frida Kahlo remains cross-cultural.

My interest in photography as a personal artistic expression came late in my life. In hindsight, unfolding personal events throughout my life guided me by circumstance towards what I call “what I let you see” as a photographer —my personal vision and objects of my personal desire revealed through photography.

The name GOYOCORVAIR | Photography is the result of the combination of my nickname “Goyo” and my interest in the preservation and restoration the Chevrolet Corvair classic automobile.

Framed, Signed, Limited Edition Print - 1/50

Approximately 17 x 21"

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