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The Ocean in Your Bathtub

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By Seth Fishman. Illustrated by Isabel Greenberg.

From shore to suburb, the ocean connects all of us in unexpected ways—through the weather, our water, our food sources, and more! In their signature informative and child-friendly style, the award-winning creators of A Hundred Billion Trillion Stars explore how the ocean affects everyone—no matter where they live—and how everyone affects the ocean. Perfect for curious kids and classroom learning.

Did you know that oceans cover seventy-one percent of our planet and contain ninety-seven percent of the earth’s water? That seven out of every ten breaths you take contain oxygen that comes from oceanic plant life? No matter how far from the ocean you live, it is part of your life, every single day. And you are part of the ocean’s life, too. Every time you flush the toilet or throw something away, you might be sending it to the ocean—and every time you do a good deed, such as picking up litter or recycling, you are helping the ocean!

ISBN: 9780062953377

Paperback; 40 pages

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