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Perfect Day: California

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California is called the “Golden State” with good reason, and not simply because it was birthed by the ’49 Gold Rush. From sun-kissed, seaside San Diego and the desert oasis of Palm Springs in the south, to misty redwood forests and snow-capped volcanoes in the north, the state is blessed with shining superlatives. The cities are chock-full of world-class museums, fabulous architectural and historic sites, plus cosmopolitan restaurants and chic rooftop bars. You could spend a lifetime exploring and not discover it all. But what if you only have 24 hours in any one place? California is blessed with so many amazing things to see and do, it’s hard to know what to start. Perfect Day California is your handy guide to honing in on the quintessential experiences.

Watch polar bears frolic in the water behind a giant glass screen at San Diego Zoo. Experience the thrill of a VIP behind-the-scenes tour at Paramount Studios. Hear and see firsthand the enthralling inside scoop on space exploration at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Whether your activity of choice is marveling at contemporary art in the Getty Museum or wandering beneath the soaring Coast redwoods, steeping in a hot mud bath spa or panning for gold in the Sierra foothills, California has a perfect day for every taste and desire.

Local author Christopher P. Baker knows California like the back of his hand. Here he shares with you his knowledge and insights to make the most of your visits to destinations throughout the state. He provides invaluable and inspirational insider tips that condense 24 hours in each place into the most rewarding experience possible.

ISBN: 9781681063300

Paperback; 192 pages

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