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Urban Hikes: Southern California

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By Robert Inman

From the iconic Pacific Coast to deep canyons full of stories to mountaintops with breathtaking views, explore the dramatic Southern California landscape without traveling deep into the backcountry. This book features easy-to-follow urban trails that allow hikers of all levels to discover the landmarks that shape the Golden state’s cities and towns. The book contains forty-one hikes that range from 3 to 8-miles. Each follows a variety of routes that include vibrant avenues, quiet residential lanes, park trails, pedestrian-only lanes, public stairways, beach boardwalks, and canal paths. Every excursion seeks out and describes viewpoints, natural features, local history, architecture, and street art. Starting points are selected for their ease of access and parking information is included. Many of the hikes are accessible to rail transit and directions are provided.

ISBN: 9781493052578

Softcover; 248 pages

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