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Power and Prestige: The Art of Clubs in Oceania

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A fresh look at the many meanings and forms of the club across two centuries of Oceanic culture

Featuring more than 150 clubs made in the 18th and 19th centuries from across a vast geographical and cultural span, Power and Prestige explores a fascinating Oceanic object form that has long been misunderstood by Western scholars. From Australia, Polynesia, Melanesia and New Zealand to Hawaii, Easter Island and the Marquesas Islands, carved clubs have played many roles beyond combat in Oceanic cultures. The range in the size of works presented here—from 15 inches to more than six feet, and made in materials ranging from nephrite and wood to whalebone—points to this diversity of utility and form. In this abundantly illustrated volume, essays detail the clubs' use as ritual and religious objects, mediums of exchange, status symbols and more. Other texts break down the specific function clubs performed within each culture, as well as the symbolic meaning of the beautiful images and patterns inscribed on them.

Hardcover; 320 pages

ISBN: 9788857246406

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