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Modern Twist: Exhibition Catalogue

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"Modern Twist" explores the evocative, sensual, and sculptural power of contemporary bamboo art.
Bamboo is a quintessential part of Japanese culture, shaping the country’s social, artistic, and spiritual landscape. Although bamboo is a prolific natural resource, it is a challenging artistic medium. There are fewer than 100 professional bamboo artists in Japan today. Mastering the art form requires decades of meticulous practice while learning how to harvest, split, and plait the bamboo. Authored by Dr. Andreas Marks, Director and Chief Curator of the Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture, Hanford, California, and curator of this exhibition, "Modern Twist" demonstrates that in the hands of master bamboo artists, a simple grass is transformed into a sculptural art.

Author Andreas Marks
8.25 x 10.25 inches, Soft Cover, 96 pages
Published: 2012

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