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Man at the Crossroads: Diego Rivera's Mural at the Rockefeller Center

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In 1933, Diego Rivera arrived in New York to paint a mural in the Rockefeller Center called Man at the Crossroads. A few years before, he had been the second foreign artist to have a solo exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and was at the peak of his fame. However, it was not long before conflicts and disputes arose between the multimillionaire family and the painter. Finally, in February 1934, before the work was finished, it was completely destroyed. Rivera would not paint again in the United States nor would his work be exhibited there for many years.
This is the story of that mural and the minute restoration of the sketches he made in preparation for it, now kept at the Anahuacalli Museum, complemented by a great number of letters, photos, and other documents, many of them published for the first time in this fascinating book.

- A story of how the struggle between capitalism and socialism took over the field of art and creativity
- Under the lens: one of the lesser-known murals by Diego Rivera, complemented by sketches, letters and archive photographs

Text in English and Spanish.

Author: Susana Pliego Quijano
Size: 11.5 in x 17.75 in
Pages: 172
Illustrations: 28 color, 108 b&w

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