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A World of Head Ornaments: Africa, Asia, Oceania

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Head ornaments provide the theme for the last volume in this series of books on the magnificent Ghysels collection of ethnic jewellery. The most precious part of the body, the head, attracts the gaze of all. At times deformed, scarred, tattooed, crowned, plumed or pierced, over time it became the main setting for the body-spectacle it had to protect. Long, plaited or raised into a chignon, hair is also adorned with various accessories. These head accessories, often spectacular, also borrow from nature dazzling feathers such as those used by the Urubu-Kaapor for their labrets, and wild pig tusks worn in New Guinea. In India, delicately worked gold nose rings pay a subtle homage to the femininity and sensuality of the married woman. The book features over 200 illustrations and descriptions, a glossary, an index, maps and a general bibliography. Hard Cover.

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