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Echoes of Bhutan

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Los Angeles-based photographer Barry Shaffer presents his first major fine-art publication, Echoes of Bhutan, produced in Verona, Italy by EBS Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei and designed by David Chickey. The images of this tiny Himalayan Kingdom span a period of over fifteen years, the last visit at the invitation of Bhutan's government and travel industry. This is no ordinary place to photograph, it is an amply modern country, yet medieval with one foot still rooted in its past. It is a land of ancient monasteries, fluttering prayer flags and unforgettable beauty, where one cannot help but feel a lasting sense of peaceful tranquility. Sustainable socio-economic development, preservation and promotion of culture and tradition, and its natural environment are at the forefront of its government policy. Almost every decision is carefully weighed for the benefit of its people through its Gross National Happiness institutions, which give Bhutan its uniqueness. The stunning photography is accompanied by written contributions from Dr. Robert Thurman; Bhutan's Queen Mother; the 4th King; the current and Honorable Prime Minister; Costas Christ, an on-going editor at National Geographic, and captions by Samtem Wangchuk. All proceeds benefited Bhutan's Tarayana Foundation.

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